R&D Team

YCAM InterLab
YCAM InterLab(2010〜)
A team of media art researchers and developers in the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM], provides technical support for the realization of installations and performing art pieces commissioned by YCAM. Along with research and practical attempts in implementing cutting-edge technology in the realm of art, the members engage actively in various collaborative research with specialists invited from all parts of the world, with the aim to establish human networks and facilitate exchange among the technical departments of cultural facilities, while continually expanding their area of investigation.
安藤 洋子 Photo : Dominik Mentzos
Yoko Ando(2010〜)
Embarked on a career as a dancer after meeting Kuniko Kisanuki in 1989, and has appeared in numerous dance performances since. She has been choreographing and performing her own solo pieces since 1997. In 2001 she was discovered by William Forsythe and joined the Ballett Frankfurt, in 2005 became a member of The Forsythe Company. Ando now enjoys a worldwide reputation as a leading dancer of the company. In Japan, she continues to work on her own projects while collaborating with other dance companies.
大西 義人 Photo : Naoko Hiraoka
Yoshito Onishi(2011〜)
b. 1986. Applying programming to the creative process, Onishi creates refined paintings and sculptures with electronic circuits and living organisms. He has participated in various other artists’ projects as a video artist, designer, software and hardware developer.
神田 竜
Ryo Kanda(2014〜)
Artist / Programmer
Ryo has created live visuals and music videos for various musicians from Japan and overseas under the name of Kezzardrix. In 2013,「SjQ++」, the band he is a member of as a visual designer, won the Ars Electronica Award of Distinction. He also collaborates with contemporary artists and media artists on their stage work and installations, and, in addition, works as a support programmer for interactive devices such as commercial digital signage, iOS applications, websites and more.
Born in 1989. Graduated from Art & Media Course at Department of Information Design, Tama Art University. Sheep created works dealing with the notion of systems and structure while a student. Today, he mainly works in video and commercial installations such as digital signage among other things.
清水 基
Motoi Shimizu(2012〜)
Motoi Shimizu is a Tokyo based developer who work with code, who like iOS / openFrameworks / web-based interactivity, is an innocent bystander who wants to be a good friends with data, pixels, and the internet. An alumnus of International Academy of Media Arts and Science(Gifu, Japan), Interface Culture(Linz, Austria), School for Poetic Computation(NY, USA).
Kyle McDonald(2012〜)
b. 1985. Based in Brooklyn. A media artist who works with code, from interactive installations to tactical performance. He regularly contributes to open source arts-engineering initiatives such as openFrameworks, with an emphasis on interaction and computer vision. He advocates critical openness, and tries to push the limits of sharing in his daily practice.
筧 康明
Yasuaki Kakehi(2012〜)
Interactive Media Designer & Researcher. Associate Professor at Faculty of Environment and Information Studies - Keio University. Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Information Studies. Kakehi develops interactive media that extend the human body, tools and communication by multiplying the five senses, the properties of physical materials and digital information. Exhibiting his work and research results at ACM SIGGRAPH and Ars Electronica Festival, he crosses over the boundaries between engineering, art and design. In 2012, a work of his was selected for one of the best 100 Good Design Awards and received the minister of MEXT award for young scientist in 2014. He is the Co- founder of TECHTILE an organization that develops and studies tactile expression, in which YCAM was involved from 2011 to 2013. Kakehi is also a member of the artist group “plaplax” and explores the possibility of media technology & art mainly in the commercial domain.
比嘉 了
Satoru Higa(2011〜2013)
b. 1983. Currently works for Rhizomatiks co.,ltd. Higa programs digital visual system and writes and edits software. He also creates improvisational performances, installations and live performances.