The Terminal for Pilgrimage

interactive art work [renewal version, comissioned by YCAM]
Venue: Yuda hot spring area

A stroll around Yuda hot springs looking for art works

While making their original portraits by using the special photographing and printing terminals (photo booths) installed at several places in Yuda hot springs, participants can enjoy this work strolling around the town of Yuda. Citizens as well as tourists of Yuda hot springs can make their unique souvenir photos by using this work.
At each terminal, participants can photograph only photos of faces and fragments of the background scenery. When they go through all terminals taking a photo on the same paper each time, all fragments are connected so as to complete their original portraits. In addition, those portraits are transmitted to the Internet server, and consequently they become "new faces of the town," going beyond each participantユs specific character, to be shown on a huge screen set in downtown Yuda hot springs during the exhibition period every night. (It is scheduled that portraits can be downloaded to mobile phones and screen savers.) Participants can experience via this work the encounters between people and the town as well as people and people at crossovers of space and time.

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exonemo "The Terminal for Pilgrimage" (2007)

Photo: Takahiro Watanabe

exonemo [JP]

"exonemo" is an art unit of Kensuke Sembo and Yae Akaiwa. Since 1996, they have dealt with many experimental projects that can be seen only on the web. In 2000, their installation was first introduced in a special section at Rotterdam Film Festival. After that, featuring their unique style of connecting the web and the real space, "exonemo" participated in many exhibitions both at home and abroad such as Istanbul Biennale, Roppongi Crossing, and ARS Electronica (Austria). They are currently expanding the sphere of their activities; live performance at Pompidou Center in Paris by using musical instruments of their own making, and managing the Tokyo chapter of "dorkbot", a worldwide community "doing strange things with electricity." They won the grand prize of the Net Section of ARS Electronica in 2006. In 2008 "UN-DEAD-LINK" was held in Basel, Switzerland as their first solo exhibition abroad. Their activities are based in Tokyo and http://exonemo.com/