Tour of ☆ FOOT-SPA Timer

installation Work [new work, somissioned by YCAM]
Venue: Yuda foot-bathes hot springs

By up-and-coming artist units, Footbath Project

The Yuda footbath hot springs where many tourists and local residents come and relax are used. What is proposed in this work is a new space for communication through image expressions by using monitors and projections. In this film appears an animation character original to "YUDA ART PROJECT" produced by SHINCHIKA. The theme is the relation between "town" and "individual", and the character develops a fictional story navigating the original promotional movie. This animation of a new style blending different types of expression from two-dimensional illustrations to three-dimensional computer graphics will renovate the footbath hot springs.

SHINCHIKA "Tour of ☆ FOOT-SPA Timer" (2008)



"SHINCHIKA" is an entertainment unit to produce works through mixing graphics, image, lyrics and composition. In 2002, five members, Tsuyoshi Hisakado, Yosuke Fujino, Rinshiro Fujiki, Shimpei Yoshikawa and Toki Katsumura, found inspiration in the Shinsekai Kokusai Theater in Shinsekai amusement area in Osaka, and organized the unit. They gather fragments of imagery taken from their everyday life, their recollections and places where they live, and edit them to make their works. The story reflects the current state of SHINCHIKA in a fantasy. In 2008, they held their solo exhibition at Ota Fine Arts in Tokyo.