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audiovisual concert “datamatics [ver.2.0]”

Date/Time: March 1 (Sat.) 2008 19:00 open 19:30 start
Venue: Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) /Studio A
Capacity: 200 persons
Admission: 2,000yen door 2500yen

web.www.ycfcp.or.jp (Japanese)
tel.+81-83-920-6111 (10:00-19:00 *Closed Tuesday)

*Numbered tickets for entrance are distributed in front of "Studio A" from 18:30 on the day.
*Please sit on cushions arranged on the floor in the hall. Those who have trouble sitting on the floor are requested to contact the staff.

Ryoji Ikeda’s project datamatics is an art project that explores the potentials to perceive the invisible multi-substance of data that permeates our world.

datamatics [ver 2.0] is the new, full–length version of Ryoji Ikeda's acclaimed audiovisual concert. Ikeda has significantly developed the earlier version of this piece (premiered in March 2006), adding a newly commissioned second part.

Driven by the primary principles of datamatics, but objectively deconstructing its original elements – sound, visuals and even source codes – this new work creates a kind of meta–datamatics. Ikeda employs real–time programme computations and data scanning to create an extended new sequence that is a further abstraction of the original work.

The technical dynamics of the piece, such as its extremely fast frame rates and variable bit depths, continue to challenge and explore the thresholds of our perceptions.

“datamatics [prototype] showed Ikeda at the height of his powers, building on his own unique and unmistakable artistic language.” – The Wire, 2006

concept, composition: Ryoji Ikeda
computer graphics, programming: Shohei Matsukawa, Daisuke Tsunoda, Norimichi Hirakawa, Tomonaga Tokuyama
co–commissioned by AV Festival 06, ZeroOne San Jose & ISEA 2006
produced by Forma
co–produced by Les Spectacles Vivants–Centre Pompidou and YCAM
supported by Recombinant Media Labs

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