In °»Corpora in Si(gh)te,°… the autonomous structural nodes programmed in the software are able to become subjective viewpoints in the space, which ceaselessly adjusts the relationship between each surrounding structural node. They are newly reproducing and arranging their own copies or destroying themselves based on changed in the physical environment. In addition, the act of re-designing is continuously occurring within the space surrounding each node. Such a process enables the state of °»the whole body to form by autonomous generation°… to finally develop, as the title °»Corpora°… symbolically suggests.

The rise and fall of information between a local and a global system is the audio and visual output for the viewers. This shows the combination of the unique notation system (*1), which is the basic idea of the project and AR (*2). It gives us a clue towards an approach from an internal viewpoint to investigate °»many inherent subjective views that control the whole/partial architecture from the bottom up°… in opposition to °»the objective control from an °∆external viewpoint°« °… which has been the general approach to architecture.°…

(*1) °»Notation; super-eye°…
This approach is oriented in all directions. One°«s position, basic notation point and zero point of the surroundings are shown in the reverse-projection. The direction and distance of all objects that surround the zero point can be converted and shown into a lucid equation. This can be essentially the ultimate °»super-eye°… that grasps an object from the inside and not from the outside.

(*2) AR (Augmented Reality)
Several cameras are set up outside YCAM observing the surrounding area. The images of these cameras will be merged with the images produced by the output of Corpora°«s generative structure. This process will be visually cumulated in the exhibition space(Studio B).

Inside process

Structural nodes

Components of "Corpora in Si(gh)te"

Augmented reality 1 frame image
Autonomous structural nodes are regarded as subjective viewpoints in the space. Each of them responds under the circumstances of an ultra-subjective notation called °»super-eye°…. Based on this notation, each structural node has its own range of perception. Structural nodes in that range communicate to each other to form the structure. In this project, the site that is temporarily symbolized and considered to be the most important to support the architect°«s space operation is interpreted as °»drawing = notation°…. Dismantling, modifications and experimental notations are attempted here and is approached from all directions, including polar coordinates. (This method has been consistently tried in dNA°«s projects in the past, such as °»super-eye,°… °»2 Skins - Architecture without Building,°… and °»dqpb: dynamic quadruple phonic building,°… an interactive installation using a three-dimensional sound system.)

Generative rule

The description of YCAM building and park on super-eye notation system
The generative rule of Corpora is based on the method and ideas of Cellular Automata and Conway's Game of Life. The structural nodes are varied according to different physical environmental information (direction influenced by resistance against wind, height and angle of direction according to the rise and fall of temperature, horizontal expansion due to brightness and the establishment of existence by the volume of sound). In addition structural nodes with surroundings are grasped; local analysis and judgment are made in cases of overcrowding / low density, possibility / impossibility of independence. According to such analysis and judgment, each part reproduces or destroys itself.


Studio B

At this location visitors can experience the entire scope of Corpora, which spans over YCAM such as a virtual netting moss. The notation system of super-eye will be projected on the large screen. Realtime information from the environment and Corpora°«s generative information from each site are displayed at the center of the studio for visitors. Additionally the connection between the current Corpora°«s state and real scenery is projected through the AR (Augmented Reality) units which cover viewpoints around the YCAM complex.


A human scale model of the basic Corpora structure is built in the foyer. Visitors can physically experience the space that is generated by Corpora.

Gallery and pavilion

From some points in the public space of the pavilion realtime images of Corpora are displayed by AR (Augmented Reality) to show the interwoven nature of this constellation.