International symposium — 150 Jahre Freundschaft Deutschland–Japan
“Decennial environmental observations in art”

13 November (sat) 13:00–16:00
Venue: foyer
Guests: Carsten Nicolai, Marko Peljhan, Andreas Broeckmann (Director of the Dortmunder U)
Moderator: Yukiko Shikata (Guest curator), Kazunao Abe (YCAM) *interpretation available

As a special event held as part of the festivities commemorating 150 Years of Friendship between Germany and Japan, this symposium is led by the artists and curators involved in this exhibition, together with a number of invited intellectuals from Germany and Japan. The artists discuss via a scientific standpoint supposed future developments and possibilities of modeling invisible data into visual or acoustic works of media technology-based art, and explore new ways of perceiving the environment while referencing Nikola Tesla's and other historical achievements, as well as current endeavors in the field.


13 November (sat) 19:00 start(18:30 open)
Venue: Studio B
Live: cyclo. (Carsten Nicolai & Ryoji Ikeda), byetone (Olaf Bender), nibo
Guest: Christopher Willits
Admission: Advanced tickets ¥3,000 / "any" members & special discounts ¥2,700 / Tickets at the door: ¥3,500

The polar project observing natural and informational environments, initiated by two internationally renowned artists, resurfaces after ten years in the form of the polar" exhibition. Via an original platform developed in order to monitor the invisible world of data, the visitor can experience polar electromagnetic force from a unique perspective on the environment. An exquisite lineup of artists from the field of electronic sound art/music will get together at YCAM to celebrate the exhibition's opening. Look forward to an overwhelming display of visuals and sound, designed with YCAM's own high-end technical equipment and setting.

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Gallery Tour (17 times during the event period)

November 20 (sat), 21 (sun), 27 (sat), 28 (sun)
December 4 (sat), 5 (sun), 11 (sat), 12 (sun), 18 (sat), 19 (sun)
January 8 (sat), 9 (sun), 15 (sat), 16 (sun), 23 (sun), 29 (sat), 30 (sun)
14:00–15:00 / Admission free / Application: Please visit YCAM 1F Ticket Information prior to each tour

Through the tours, participants will discover together with YCAM educational staff, most attractive features of the exhibition.