Ryoji Ikeda new installation “supersymmetry”
Venue: Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] Studio A, Studio B
Dates/ Time: April 2 (Wed.) – June 1 (Sun.) 2014 10:00-19:00
Admission free
Closed on Tuesdays (or the following day if Tuesday is a national holiday)

Artist Ryoji Ikeda has made a great impact worldwide with his installations and expressions using state-of-the-art electronic sounds ranging from the domain of microscopic and precise bit rate control to large-scaled projects in the public spaces. His new piece “supersymmetry,” the 3rd part of the YCAM commissioned work series, is an installation in where he approached the expression limits of data observation, which is his forte, as he explores quantum information theory and particle physics from an aesthetic viewpoint. In this work, he pursues overwhelmingly intensified expression via the studio spaces in YCAM.

The “supersymmetry” is a new work conceived as an installation version of his performance work “superposition” (2012-) and as a platform to update the process and outcome of his forthcoming residence during 2014-15 at CERN in Geneva where is the largest center in the world for particle physics. It is a collaborative production between YCAM and Le lieu unique, scène nationale de Nantes with the support of the City of Nantes and the Ministry of Culture and Communication (France). Unveiled first in Japan, this installation will also be shown around the world.


According to modern particle physics, known ”physical matter” makes up not more than four percent of the entire universe. In order to explain the total mass of the universe, many scientists are focusing their research on “supersymmetry”, a mathematical model based on the existence of hypothetical particles (dark matter) that form pairs with each existing elementary particle.

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
Experimental particle and nuclear physics facility established in 1959 in the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland. Important discoveries in the realm of particle physics, including the discovery of Higgs particles, have been made here with a Large Hadron Collider with a circumference of 27 kilometers (roughly equivalent to Tokyo’s Yamanote Line). A total of 8,000 researchers and engineers are engaged in experiments at the facility in pursuit of the origin of the universe.

Concept, Composition: Ryoji Ikeda

in collaboration with
Programming, Computer Graphics: Norimichi Hirakawa, Tomonaga Tokuyama, Yoshito Onishi
Mechanics/Optics/Device Design: Norimichi Hirakawa
Computer System Design: Tomonaga Tokuyama Technical Management: Norimichi Hirakawa, Tomonaga Tokuyama
Electronics Design: Yoshito Onishi

Curator: Kazunao Abe (YCAM)
Co-curator: Patrick Gyger (Le Lieu Unique)

Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] Assistant Curator: Tsubasa Nishi
Construction Supervision: Richi Owaki
Sound Programming: Satoshi Hama
Device Design/Set-up: Richi Owaki, Keina Konno
Sound: Satoshi Hama, Etsuko Nishimura
System Engineering: Yohei Miura
Lighting Design: Fumie Takahara
Technical Management: Clarence Ng
Public Relations: Miyuki Tanaka
Documentation: Ryuichi Maruo, Tomoya Watanabe
Signage Operation: Naomi Kakuda
Education: Kiyoshi Suganuma

Ryoji Ikeda Studio
Creative Director: Emmanuelle de Montgazon
Administrative Assistant: Yuko Higaki

Mechanics/Electronics Design: Koichiro Mori
Shutter Device Set-up Support: Makoto Hirabayashi
Graphic Design: Kazuya Kondo

Organized by Yamaguchi City Foundation for Cultural Promotion
In association with Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture Board of Education
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2014, French Embassy/Institut français du Japon and the partnership agreement between Institut français and City of Nantes, THE ASAHI SHINBUN FOUNDATION
Cooperated by Gallery Koyanagi,Tokyo
Equipment cooperation Mix Wave,Inc. , Bell-Park Co.,Ltd.
Co-developed with YCAM InterLab
Co-produced with Le lieu unique, scène nationale de Nantes with the Support of the City of Nantes and the Ministry of Culture and Communication (France)
Produced by Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] , Ryoji Ikeda Studio

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