NOTE: We recommend the method of measuring from root of a tree because it is difficult to use the ground bar as the user kit.

Please have the ground cable in the following photo if you will measure using the ground cable.


[Set up the ground bar]

  1. Locate a solid ground (hard soil not soft) around the tree perimeter for ground bar.
  2. Then secure the ground bar by hammer it to the located spot until its hidden into the ground (does not pose to be a tripping hazard).
    The location must not be distant away as you need to connect the ground cable from the corrugated tube to the ground bar later on.


  1. Connect the end of the ground bar and the ground wire by crimping terminal.
  2. Connect both end of the ground bar and the ground wire by using the crimping terminal and compress it.
    Protect the crimping terminal if it is possible for you to prepare the self-fusing tape or other protecting tape.

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