installation 4 (new work)

Sessions A and B: July 5 (sat.) – October 13 (mon.)
Yamaguchi City Central Library in YCAM

Filament [Otomo Yoshihide+Sachiko M]

Four speakers are set up in the library. The quiet sound of Filament flows for an hour after the library is closed. While small LED lights set on the bookshelves in the library flash repeatedly, the sound fragments intertwine at random, sometimes in the volume hardly noticeable and sometimes within a barely audible frequency range. Listening carefully, you will hear Filament’s ensemble in the ambient noise.

photo: Ryuichi Maruo

Filament [Otomo Yoshihide+Sachiko M]/direction and sound composition

[YCAM InterLab]
Takayuki Ito/sound programming
Soichiro Mihara/device engineering
Etsuko Nishimura, Takuro Iwata/technical support

Chang Yungta/technical support