installation 1 (new work)

Session A: July 5 (sat.) – September 15 (mon.)
Studio B

Otomo Yoshihide+Kimura Yuki+Benedict Drew+Hirakawa Norimichi+Ishikawa Ko+Ichiraku Yoshimitsu+Jim O’Rourke+Kahimi Karie+Sachiko M+Axel Dörner+Martin Brandlmayr

Nearly life-sized silhouettes of musicians are projected on each side of a white cube (3.3m square and 2.5m tall) placed in the center of the hall. On the screen on each wall facing the cube are projected details of objects made of wood, iron, liquid, etc. and those materials vibrate to the sound produced by the musicians who are projected.
Each of four musicians is projected on a side of the cube. Either of two quartets, A or B, starts performing, and as time passes, players in A and B change places or interfere with each other. Consequently, the performances of A and B are blended or combined at random, and each time a totally new quartet comes to exist. Since visitors can look at only one side of the cube at a time, they can listen to the sounds played by all the players but can’t see their figures all together simultaneously.

Participating artists
quartet A
Otomo Yoshihide (JP) +Sachiko M(JP)+Axel Dörner (GE)+Martin Brandlmayr(AT)

quartet B
Yuki Kimura(video-shooting and direction)(JP)+Benedict Drew (UK)(object and image)+Norimichi Hirakawa (JP)(programming, system)+Ko Ishikawa(JP) +Yoshimitsu Ichiraku (JP) +Jim O’Rourke (USA)+ Kahimi Karie (JP)

photo: Ryuichi Maruo

Otomo Yoshihide/direction and sound composition
Yuki Kimura/art direction [cube screen]
Benedict Drew/video and objects [outer screen]
Norimichi Hirakawa/algorithm design, programming and system

Otomo Yoshihide/guitar and turntable
Kahimi Karie/voice
Jim O’Rourke/synthesizer and guitar
Ko Ishikawa/sho
Yoshimitsu Ichiraku/percussion
Axel Döner/trumpet
Martin Brandlmayr/drums and percussion
Sachiko M /sinewaves

Soichiro Murata/shooting assistant [cube screen]
Satoshi Hama/technical support

[YCAM InterLab]
Takayuki Ito/recording, sound editing, sound system design and sound programming
Etsuko Nishimura/recording assistant
Richi Owaki/space planning and shooting planning
Soichiro Mihara, Takuro Iwata/shooting assistant
Fumie Takahara, Tetsuya Oda (yano butaibijutsu), Shoichi Nishida (yano butaibijutsu)/lighting design

Chang Yung-Ta, Ryo Takeuchi/recording assistant