History of the RAM Project


Mid-Dec YCAM InterLab launched experimental project with Yoko Ando.
The first project was to translate the imagery in Ando’s mind when dancing, into actual space with digital devices. Various experiments followed after that.


May28-Aug21 Exhibition of “Reacting Space for Dividual Behavior”, an installation by Yoko Ando
Ando created an experimental installation that embodies her consciousness, constantly observing her own movement and the relationship between her body and space / time from various perspectives. The installation allows the viewer to grasp some sense of the insight she has cultivated over the years of her career in dance. Visit Re-Marks for detail.


May28 Demonstration performance of “Reacting Space for Dividual Behavior”


Aug20 “Reacting Space for Dividual Behavior” Workshop



Mar03 Symposium “Forsythe Dance Study Exchange”
Researchers from the Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design(ACCAD)at Ohio State University made a presentation about their collaborative project with William Forsythe, “Synchronous Objects”. And RAM’s research and development team made a progress report on the project at that point. Then, Takashi Ikegami, an artificial life researcher and professor in the department of general systems sciences of the graduate school of arts and sciences at the University of Tokyo, and Johannes Birringer, director and professor at the department of performance technology at Brunel University, discussed the two projects, which share common themes, Forsythe’s choreography theory and the experimental evolution of dance and technology.


Sep01-02 RAM open studio
The studio was open for a general audience to experience the system under development. Using the initial video camera, we explained how the computer captures human movement and the potential of its use. People also tried on the prototype of RAM Dance Toolkit and MOTIONER with the help of RAM’s research and development team.



Feb23 RAM presentation
RAM’s research and development team explained the concept of RAM in the context of the history of dance and technology. We also demonstrated how RAM Dance Toolkit and MOTIONER work with Ando and Cyril Baldy from The Forsythe Company.


Feb23+24 RAM workshop
A hands-on workshop for dancers, choreographers and programmers. The assignment was to design an environment that inspires dancers to compose “rules” for their movement. After brainstorming, the participants worked in teams of dancers and programmers. Having assistance from the research and development team staff, they made a presentation of their results. In order for the participants to learn each other’s language, we hosted a programming workshop for the dancers and a dance workshop for the programmers. It aimed to expand the community of dance and technology.


Mar19 RAM Presentation @ The Forsythe Company Studio, Frankfurt
Not only is the concept of RAM strongly influenced by William Forsythe, but the dancers from The Forsythe Company such as Amancio Gonzalez, Cyril Baldy, Yasutake Shimaji and Riley Watts, have all contributed to the development of RAM. Thus, it was significant for us to be able to demonstrate the result of RAM at the company studio in Germany. We introduced RAM Dance Toolkit and MOTIONER as a dancer’s creative device. Forsythe interestedly asked Ando, who was demonstrating, to insert an exercise they practice at the company and he asked dancers about their experience with RAM. The company dancers, experienced and new, played with RAM the following day. We were able to hear their feedback on “scenes” and possible uses in the future.


May06 Made documentation, source code for RAM Dance Toolkit, application, and diagram for MOTIONER available online.

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