Gallery Tour

"minimum interface" gallery tour

Gallery tour appreciating works while discussing with YCAM educational staff.

Date and Hour: 14:00-14:45
November 8 sat, 9 sun / 15 sat, 16 sun / 29 sat, 30 sun
December 13 sat, 14 sun / 27 sat, 28 sun
January 17 sat, 18 sun / 31 sat
February 1 sun / 7 sat, 8 sun
application: Please apply to YCAM office directly on each day till 13:30.


During the event period, a set of hands-on workshops will give articipants opportunities to learn about the peculiarities of interfaces by experimenting with heir bodies and familiar articles of daily use.

"Handmade Mouse Workshop – Tailored to fit your body"

This two-day workshop is designed to explore the function of an interface in the form of a computer mouse. The idea is to have every participant remodel a commercially available mouse to create an original device that perfectly fits his own body. In addition, attendants can learn through lectures and practical creative work about ”human interfaces” and how they form informational environments in accordance with human attributes and aspects of interface design. Participants of the workshop can keep the their original mouse devices for home use.

for Children
January 4 sun, 2009 13:00-18:00 / January 5 mon 10:00-17:00 [2days]
for Adults
January 10 sat, 2009 13:00 - 18:00 / January 11 mon 10:00-17:00 [2days]
venue: Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Workshop room
fee: ¥500
lecturers: YCAM Educational Staff
capacity: the first 15 applicants for each
targets: Children: between 4th grade and 12th grade. / Adults: 18 years old or older.

"Sensory Athletics Workshop"

This workshop encourages participants to discover new body sensations by making simple obstacles with rubber string and cloth. All of our movements are automatically and profoundly influenced by physical features and things in our direct environments. Participants can study this invisible mechanism on actual movements of their own bodies.

Date and Hour: January 17 sat, 18 sun 13:30-17:00 [1day]
venue: Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Studio A
fee: ¥500
lecturers: YCAM Educational Staff
capacity: the first 12 applicants for each
targets: 4th grade or older (Parents' attendance are also welcome! )

How to apply

Please Send email entitled "minimum interface: Application to workshop" with
) Expected date of workshop
ii) Name in full
iii) Address; with telephone number, e-mail address.
iv) Date of Birth Year Month. Day.

"Handmade Mouse Workshop – Tailored to fit your body": Desember 28 sun, 2008
"Sensory Athletics Workshop": January 11 sun, 2009

7-7 Nakazono-cho, Yamaguchi, 753-0075 JAPAN
Attn: educational staff "Handmade Mouse – Tailored to fit your body" / "Sensory Athletics Workshop"
TEL: +81-83-901-2222/FAX: +81-83-901-2216