new work (commissioned by YCAM)



Shinchika extract a variety of designs from Japanese subculture between the 1980s and today, and string them together to unique animated films combining elements of illustration and 3D computer graphics. This time they present a sculptural installation of objects that were plastically modeled after blueprints based on data from their own animations. Here the visuals as such integrate different methods and forms of spatial representation, to form interfaces depicting parts of reality.


exhibit to coincide with "H2Orz": "JSCO" (2008)


Creative unit combining original graphics, visuals, lyrics and music to a unique form of entertainment. Founded in 2002 by Tsuyoshi Hisakado, Yosuke Fujino, Rinshiro Fujiki, Shimpei Yoshikawa and Toki Katsumura, inspired by the "Shinsekai Kokusai Chika Gekijo" theatre in Osaka’s Shinsekai amusement district. They assemble their works by connecting and editing fragmentary images born out of each member's recollections, living environments and daily activities. The results are little episodes that reflect exquisitely the bizarre fantasy world of Shinchika. The group showcased their work in an exhibition at Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo, in 2008.