new work (commissioned by YCAM)

Pureφ- Abstract Painterly Interface

Akihiro Kubota

A dynamic pictorial image is projected onto a large screen as an abstract interface. Without using diagramatic graphical user interfaces (GUI) as symbols or icons, the random dot image that looks like mere noise when motionless is mixtured through optical flows. With this new piece, the artist explores minimal interface affordance by stimulating direct perceptional interaction out of rapidly transforming textures.

Akihiro Kubota [Japan]

Tokyo-based sound and software artist/researcher. Has been investigating into fields ranging from digital programming to algorithmic improvisation, network and interface design, through both computer-based and physical audio-visual performances. Places emphasis on possibilities of interaction, and hybrid calculation methods combining live coding and natural computing. Is recently engaging in a theory of discrete information art for aliens that don't rely on human perception and physicality, and in bio (cell) sculpture-related projects. Currently works as a professor and chairman of the Art and Media Course, Department of Information Design, Tama Art University, Tokyo.